Steppe 2X700

The newest mod from Snow Cap Mods

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A Review from the Vaping Biker:

Steppe 2X700 Introductory Video

In this video, you will learn about the ins and outs of the Steppe 2X700. Please be prepared to be blown away by the production value of this video.


This mod is projected to start shipping by the end of May. Coloring options will be the same as what you may have seen for the Avalanche. The price is projected to be less than $100 before shipping.


  • 35mm drop-down 510 (measured from top of battery to 510 deck)

  • 21700 or 20700 battery capable

  • SLS 3D printed nylon body

  • Full mech, no soldered joints to fail

  • 24mm atomizer capable

  • Very small

  • Laser-cut, T3, .99% copper contacts

  • Mountain cutout for easy battery removal

  • Operating weight (with battery and atomizer) 184g/0.4lbs

  • Real carbon-fiber tube for added protection and coolness

**NOTE: The production version will have a solid 510 pin of the same 510 shown in the picture from Stimy Vapor. In the picture you see the sqounking 510 version.**

Thank YOU!