Denali 2X700

Designed and Assembled by American hands in Shanghai

Matte Black $55

Black or white base + 1 colored pattern $65

Black or white base + 2 colored pattern $75


Shipping Ouside of Asia: $30

Inside Asia: $10-20

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Denali 2X700 Intro Video


  • Laser-cut, .999 copper Hybrid connector & contacts

  • 21700 or 20700 battery capable

  • SLS 3D printed nylon body

  • Full mech, no soldered joints to fail

  • 28mm atomizer no overhang

  • Very small (31W x 28L x 80H mm)

  • Cutout for easy battery removal

28mm Nightmare RDA Shown

Matte Black ($55)

Base + 2 Color Pattern ($75)

Purple & teal over black base

Gold & Grey over black base

Pink & teal over black base

Black & Red over white base

Silver & teal over black base

Grey & black over white base

Base + 1 Color Pattern ($65)

Teal over black base

Blue over black base

Grey over black base

Silver over black base

Red over black base