Avalanche 2X700

Designed and Assembled by American hands in Shanghai

Matte Black $90

Black or white base + 1 colored pattern$90

Black or white base + 2 colored pattern $100


Shipping $30 to US/CAN/EU/AUS

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The Avalanche 2X700 is designed to be the most pocketable 21700 squonk possible.

  1. 21700 battery lasts all day, no swapping!

  2. VERY small (45x24x75mm)

  3. VERY light: 131g w/ full bottle and 21700 (4.5oz)

  4. Twist-to-lock button, no opening needed! Safe and convenient.

  5. Durable and reasonably priced

Carbon Fiber Tube

Easily slides on and off for battery swaps and adds extra protention.

Squonk Bottle

The 8-ml, half-round, silicone squonk bottle


Laser-cut, T3 copper contacts

Tips and Tricks Video